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Learning Objectives

This course covers all the aspect of this subject. From basic fundamental training to expert level tutorials!


Easy to Use

Our intuitive interface allows us to surf through the Website in a convienient fashion. You can get theory, problems and test in topic wise manner. You can also, ask questions in "Forum" and discuss over it. You can also avail the facility of Video Tutorials over here. 

Highly Customisable

The website has been tried to customised for each student. Student have to Enroll/Login to read any content, but navigating across the site can be done without Login. Here, one can check his score, and all related statistical information. All the items are tried to keep at a position, easy to find for students. Try it for once, you will become a fan of it.

Free Support

We provide you not only with a smart solutions to your questions, but also provide you an opportunity to put your question in the forum. Here, any of our resistered member can answer your questions. Try it by putting your question in "Forum", you will Love it.

Test Series

"MEET GAURAV BHARADWAAJ", provides you with an opportunity to give test- both topic wise an overall. Overall test will be generally conducted throughout the nation, and you can check your score and performance, after Login. 

Blog Reading

With this website a blog page has been attached, where you can read about the Attitude, because Attitude is not the only thing that we need to develop. Attitude is equally important. Moreover, Blog reading will develop a reading habit, and will give you a insight about importance of Attitude.
Read our Blog.  

Easy and Convenient to Read

Content on the Website "MEET GAURAV BHARADWAAJ" has been arranged in a fashion, which is easy and convenient to read. Theory has been arranged in a slider, which can be read by single - hand. Questions has been there with explained solution, to built your concept strong.

User Dashboards

Customisable Student and Instructor dashboards are available for users to track their courses and notifications at only one place.

Study Materials

A lot of study material will be added to this website. Various subjects, various topics will be available soon. CAT Solved questions, IBPS solved questions, SBI- PO questions will be available soon here. Keep Visiting.

Video Lectures

A topic wise video tutorials will be uploaded soon, in "Mp4 VIDEO". It would be a easy and convenient way for you to get known to the topic. It will also help you to clear your concept, and will make it stable for a longer period of time. 


    I would extend my sincere thanks to "MEET GAURAV BHARADWAAJ" for helping me to clear my Aptitude in...Read more

    Yashpal S Chouhan

    Portfolio Manager

    Quantitative Aptitude

    September 05,2018 / 0 Comments

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